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And...there's a winner! Announcing the winning Superusers book cover

You may recall a few weeks back I posted the first 5 book cover designs created by the publisher's graphic designer for my upcoming book, Superusers: Design Technology Specialists and the Future of Practice.

You can find the initial 5 covers posted here

Below are 4 more potential covers.

Unlike the first batch, which only featured text, each of these also incorporates a photograph.

I've selected a winner - though it was admittedly a hard choice. A very hard choice...

(I'll send a free copy of the book to one lucky commenter who responds to this or the previous post.)

The book comes out early February 2019

Let us know if you agree with my choice - or if you have a favorite from among these or the previous covers.


Book cover 6

Book cover 7

Book cover 8

Book cover 9

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