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Updated: Jan 12

The first blog was created 30 years ago. It’s still the best way to concisely share what is important to know to help you do what you do.


GPT suggested kicking-off a blog with the second post first, then post the first post second, like biographies that begin in medias res, Latin for “in the middle of things,” the technique of beginning a story by dropping reader in the midst of the action.


So here begins my inaugural attempt to provide you, my readers, with curated, regular, meaningful industry insights: 

·      Articles, podcast episodes and books helpful in providing a path forward;

·      Things overheard (OH) that can serve as food for thought;

·      Insights and observations that cut through the clutter;

·      Tools I’ve seen, been impressed with and want to pass along;

And recommendations: What you should be doing right now and thinking about in the coming weeks.

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