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Randy speaks regularly at conferences - both inside and outside his industry - partners' retreats & keynotes annual meetings, speaking to, engaging and conducting workshops with Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Verticals, Manufactures, Owners Groups, Software Developers, Startups, Regulation Boards, Classes and Universities globally.



The Brand Called You

A Believer In Public Engagement, India

Videocast / Podcast Episode

AIA Chicago

AIA Fellowship Application Storytelling Workshop

July 25, 2023

Nexus Mentor Program - Ai In Architecture

Presentation To Mentoring Group

July 21, 2023

Tech + Conference

The Highest Islands: Curiosity, Creativity, And Comfort With Uncertainty

Randy Deutsch Faia And Matthew Krissel

AIA, Nyc, October 27, 2023

AIA Il Annual Conference

The Integration Of Ai Into The Student Curriculum And Its Benefits To Emerging Professionals

October 26, 2023

This Is Design Intelligence Podcast

Episode With Bob Fisher, On Ai In Academia And Practice

Design Futures Council - November 27, 2023

“Just wanted you to know what a successful event this turned out to be this afternoon. I listened to the special slide presentation prepared by our Associate Director of Graduate Studies, Randy Deutsch. It was absolutely excellent - probably the best presentation about our School of Architecture I have ever heard in all my 34+ years here on campus - very comprehensive, full of facts and figures about our students, faculty research accomplishments, stellar alumni, vast alumni network, broad impact of our School across the globe. Randy could not have done a better job - we are extremely fortunate to have him in a leadership position at our School.”


Ph.D. ACSA Distinguished Professor, School of Architecture | University of Illinois U-C

“Inspiring inaugural lecture by Prof. Randy Deutsch in our CEE BIM 598 class at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign ‘BIM: Then, Today and Tomorrow.’ 140+ people in the audience and many more online. We literally had to seat some people on the floor. Thank you so much Randy for sharing your visionary thoughts with us!”


Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Computer Science, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

“At our Partners Meeting Randy Deutsch shared insights on how technology will impact the future of the design professions. Our interest was to understand how we can leverage technology while understanding if we are in line with our design professionals in the industry. ZGF Architects reflected on the importance of superusers, their role within the profession and our teams. We are committed to expanding superusers across our projects and have identified these individuals within our firm. We discussed how we can leverage BIM to assist with additional low risk design elements, identifying standardized designs and details. Lastly, we are expanding our computational design approach in all our offices beyond a few projects and sustainability practice. We are performing more knowledgeable sharing between project teams and offices to allow for mentoring, connectivity and training. Everyone really appreciated Randy’s candidness and the insights he shared.”


Partner, & Ted Hyman, FAIA, Partner, ZGF Architects

“Affiliated Engineers (AEI) as part of our Strategic Planning Process recognized that the digital or technological transformation occurring in our industry is redesigning how we will serve our clients and partners. To understand how and when this transformation will impact AEI, Randy Deutsch was engaged to share his knowledge with our 15 member Strategic Planning Team. He also provided a focused presentation on AI. Randy’s presentations were engaging, very informative and extremely impactful as our Strategic Planning Team contemplated where to conduct deep dives and conduct additional research, resulting in a draft array of objectives, initiatives and goals for AEI over the next five years. Randy’s contribution to our Plan was invaluable to AEI and the clients we serve.”



“I invited Randy to Skender Construction’s executive strategic offsite as a subject matter expert on current technology trends that may be shaping the design and construction industry. His presentation and participation at our offsite provided technology insight and ideas on how the industry may change. Along with McKinsey & Co. research, Randy’s engagement at our offsite led to our disruptive vertical integration vision that is propelling our organization forward. In the 1ó years since our strategic offsite, Skender has made enormous strides towards its vision including rebranding the company, acquiring a design company, starting a manufacturing company, technology integration, and starting our first integrated modular project.”


Chief Executive Officer, Skender

“Randy’s willingness to share his knowledge and understanding of the rapidly changing professional landscape has been invaluable to NCARB’s efforts to focus on the future. His engagements with our Futures Task Force and at the 2019 Licensing Advisors Summit has energized our community to evaluate how regulation must evolve to meet a changing world.”


AIA | NCARB, Vice President, Examination, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards

“Thank you for helping to make the Global Design Alliance meetings in Dallas a success. Your presentations and engagement with the GDA audience were absolutely perfect. As I talked to GDA members on Friday about our time in Dallas, the consistent highlight for all was your thought provoking and transformative presentation. Taking note from the current season – you hit a grand slam.”



“Randy Deutsch understands the role that technology and innovation will play in the future of the AEC Industry. During his keynote at the U.S. Minority Contractors Association (USMCA) Conference, Randy shared his insights and experience with a cross-section of construction industry professionals. Though the experience level of the attendees was mixed when it came to innovation, Randy did not miss a beat. As he has done so many times before, his cool demeanor coupled with a witty presentation laid the foundation for an eloquent delivery of fact and theory that was inspirational and not lost on even the most novice attendee.”


Director of Virtual Design and Construction, F.H. Paschen

“Professor Randy Deutsch’s lecture today about Emerging Professionals at AIA 2018 in NYC was the best lecture I’ve heard in 3 years. He energized the whole room.”


Founder, Young Architect Podcast

“Randy’s keynote presentation at the 2019 Licensing Advisors Summit touched and empowered not only those in the audience, but an extended community of incoming and current professionals navigating the rising technology changes happening in the AEC industry.”


AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, CPHD Senior Manager, Experience + Education, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards

“In his keynote presentation at the 2019 Licensing Advisors Summit, Randy Deutsch clearly presented architect licensing advisors from across the country with key concepts to help them understand how the design process is changing with the intervention of data-driven, generative, and predictive design. During the session the audience was invited to contemplate who is driving the changes in the profession, and most importantly, what role each of them want and will play in this unavoidable evolution. Attendees walked away from the session invigorated and ready to apply their newly obtained insights and perspectives: as licensing advisors they now have the charge to take the information learned and share it with the individuals they advise to support them as they prepare for and adapt to the incoming changes to our profession presented by Randy.”


AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, CPHD Senior Manager, Experience + Education, National Council of Architectural Registration Boards

“We were fortunate to have Randy Deutsch come talk to Shepley Bulfinch earlier this year in support of our 2030 planning effort. Randy fired up our designers and challenged them to build their personal capacity to design tools to help them do their job more effectively. Since his visit, attendance at our Dynamo and pyRevit trainings has gone up significantly, and the term superusers has made its way into the lexicon of the firm. There is also a Digital Design Group starting to form, so designers from all four of our offices can get together and share experiences to move forward. In addition to the immediate impact above, Design technology was heavily featured in the outcome of our 2030 planning, and we are focusing on designing a culture that supports the learning practices and social norms that will allow us to move the firm into a future that looks both computationally driven and full of opportunities.”


Vice President, CIO, Shepley Bulfinch

“It was really great to meet you yesterday. I wanted to thank you Randy for taking time out of your day to come talk with us; me, the geeks, and the firm at large. I’ve been hearing some great conversations happening around the office, which is really exciting. I know others got a lot out of our earlier group discussion. I really appreciate you allowing me to pick your brain about the career trajectory of design technologists. It’s given me a lot to think about, but also a lot of context and clarity.”


Design Technology Specialist, Shepley Bulfinch

“I’ve watched keynote presentations in numerous capacities and across multiple industries at this point, and for the most part, all of them fall into one of three categories: good, bad or great. Some are inspiring, some are informative and some are just confusing, but even then, they still fall into the “good” category. The vetting process alone means that you’re not going to see too many “bad” keynote presentations unless there’s a lot more going on with that presenter. That fact is why anyone that falls into the “great” category is so memorable, and the keynote presentation that Randy Deutsch delivered at the World Summit on Digital Built Environments was absolutely one of those. The event featured close to ten keynote presentations, but Randy’s exploration around how design is being redefined and the way in which data should be utilized in AEC was notable for several reasons. First and foremost, Randy is a dynamic presenter, but that’s something you can see for yourself in any of his TEDx or Building Design Construction videos. An energetic presenter can make everyone in the audience think they’re experiencing a “great” presentation, but what matters is what’s at the heart of a given keynote. Randy uses the stage of whatever event he’s at to highlight how technology is important, but that someone’s attitude and fit are much more of a priority, especially in AEC.”


Executive Editor
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