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“Architect Randy Deutsch appears to be on to something. No other voice within the larger AEC industry has so lucidly laid out a path of inquiry into the evolving nature of architecture, with a depth and breadth of understanding of the current underlying transformations taking place at both the social (generational) and technological levels. His recent books continue to synthesize a vision of the needed evolution of architectural practice.”


AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, Editor-in-Chief Architosh and INSIDER Xpresso

“Finally got around to reading Superusers about a half hour in and I can’t stop reading. Thank you Randy for putting into words everything I have been thinking and frustrated about these past 9 years in the AEC/CRE world.”


Startup CEO

I started Superusers and am in awe with the content. I’m not one of the recognizable names in the industry but you have described my career experience with crazy accuracy. I made the decision to depart from the traditional PM track in 2005 to follow a Superuser path and I haven’t looked back!


The Beck Group

“I spent the weekend on a balcony here in Copenhagen reading Superusers & underlining quotes, around 5 lines per page, because as a computational designer I felt like I had gotten so many answers. It’s like the moment when Harry Potter meets Hogwarts. Thank you Randy for enlightening reading. Looking forward to reading your other books.”


Architect, Sustainability Engineer, Henning Larson, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Been diving deep into the amazing work that is Superusers by Randy Deutsch. Thank you, Randy, for paving a path for a whole new generation of influencers!”


Associate, BIM Director, Steinberg Hart

“Professor Deutsch is also a prolific author. His articles and books on BIM, technology, workflows and strategies have a profound impact on the industry, which is evident as one of his books, 'BIM and Integrated Design: Strategies for Architectural Practice' is a recommended reference book for the two sections of ARE 5.0. His lectures on convergence and integrated design strategies informed us about the direction design industry is headed, its diversification and importance of increased collaboration which helped us understand the current state of the field and what to anticipate in the coming days.”


Intermediate Designer II, WATG, Irvine, CA, Class of 2016
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